12/25/2007 11:37:00 pm

Mas and the Christ

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It's been a bit of Christmas cheer over here. I haven't really blogged for a while. Except for last night just after the "midnight" service ended. I was on PowerPoint so I took the opportunity to blog from the church computer.

Church has been rather mega again this year. 6 services in 3 days. That's a lot of services. I'm looking forward to Christmas moving away from Sunday again. Because three days in a row of Church is rather mega.

I was speaking at the two morning services on Sunday. I was preaching on Zechariah 6 which isn't really all that Christmas like. But I was plonked right in the middle of a full-blown Christmas service. My sermon was about judgement and the end of the world when Jesus makes war on the nations. So it was pretty much the bloodiest Christmas sermon that I've ever heard. I managed to weave Christmas in there somehow. I felt a little like a contortionist. I hope the sermon didn't sound like a controtionist looks. I'll upload it in a few days for the keen.

I also spoke at the 5pm Family Christmas Eve service. This was a kids talk which was pretty much your run of the mill Christmas kid's talk. I was talking about how Jesus got the worst present at Christmas (being born as a baby and killed as a man) so that we could have the best present (eternal life). When I got to the bit about Jesus being killed, I said something like "And then they killed Jesus. And that's the worst present anyone could get for Christmas." At which one kid piped up "That was at Easter". The congregation thought it was pretty funny.

Today I was given the day off work. Woo! I went to my old church in Hornsby with my Parents and Hannah this morning. It was nice to go back. A little strange but nice.

Today's Christmas festives were rather small. We did the usual Christmas thing at the Castles then had lunch at Mum and Dad's with a few extras. It was nice. I ate a lot because I was hungry. Then I slept for an hour and a half because all those Christmas services has tired me out. The 11pm then 9am service while driving across Sydney twice in between is a bit of a killer.

Tonight was off to the Gowies to give them their present and watch The Panel. It was a rather fun way to end the day. Maybe we'll do it next year and make a tradition.

And that was Christmas.

Tomorrow it's off to the cousins to do that side of the family.

Spiritually how did I find Christmas?

It's an interesting question seeing as this is a religious holiday. While I find it about as significant as the rest of the year, I really enjoy the carols this year. Especially "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". The theology was inspiring, even if I hate singing them.

And, well, Jesus is good all year around.