10/01/2007 11:04:00 pm


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I'm now returned from that great festival of liberal, drug taking, debauchery indulging Christians, Black Stump. And I did have a good time. Though I didn't involve myself in any of the above mentioned activities (except maybe a dash of liberalism here and there) nor did I see anyone else indulge in the above mentioned activities, except liberalness which often gets a bit of a workout at Black Stump.

It was well fun to be at Stump. I didn't go to one Bible Study, and I only made it to one main meeting.

One afternoon I did try to go to a workshop on "Can Christians and Muslims live together in Community?" but I fell asleep three times in the first ten minutes so I left to have a snooze. Turns out we were camping next to a band called Playjerise who were practicing their set for the night with a string quartet. So I woke up to a string quartet wafting through my tent. It was one of the most wonderful ways I could think to wake up.

I went and saw them that night and I think they were the find of Stump. I didn't get around to buying their album, but I reckon they're on the list. Maybe I'm of to JB tomorrow to buy.

I saw my friends Revive, who did a good set.

I did manage to see the Breakthru' show twice (because that's how many shows we did) and I did enjoy that. Show one didn't go nearly as well as show two. I always love when the show gets to the stomp piece. I like drums and taping and people banging stuff. 'Tis cool.

Sadly on show two the sound guy stole my job of pressing play on the DVD. He just took the remote off me and pressed play. It was most sad. I have very few things to do at Black Stump, and the sound guy stole a big part of my job. It was most depressing.

Tony Campolo spoke on Sunday night. He did the only teaching that I actually heard. I enjoyed listening to him. He told us to sponsor a Child, as he tends to do. And while I sat there thinking that you pretty much know what Campolo is going to say when he talks (Jesus says "Help the poor"), it occurred to me his persistence and courage to sound like broken record has changed thousands, perhaps millions of lives. So I reckon I'll let him keep going.

The Outback Hippies were masses of fun, as usual. 2:20am they finished this year. Not a record sadly. Maybe next year. 3:20am. That would have been awesome.

But really I spent most of my long weekend sitting around our campsite. And that was good too. As Howie said, Stump now is about the community and the friends rather than the music. And it really is. I love having the option to go to whatever I want if I want to, and the freedom to just sit at my campsite and chat if that seems best.

And that, was Stump for another. My last Stump at Cataract Park. That place is so full of memories. It's sad I will probably never go there again. But I guess I won't really notice till many years have gone by, and by then, I'll probably have gotten over it.

Hooray for Black Stump.