8/01/2007 06:54:00 pm

Alive in Dubai

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14 hours and 35 minutes is a long time to be sitting on a plane. But boy did we see some sights, like the best of an episode of Top Gear, and I saw some of X2, and I read lots of Harry Potter, and I saw a lot of a wing with a flashing light on it.

Still I do love flying.

We got into Dubai at 5:30 this morning and it was 35 degrees. Hotish.

We got asked if we wanted a Taxi when we got out of the airport. We said “Yes” and got taken to some dude in his car. He drove us to the Hotel and when we pulled up I asked “How much?”

And he responded by saying “You are my first passengers of the day. I don’t want a fight, I don’t want a fight.”

“That’s ok” I replied “How much does it cost?”

“I don’t want a fight! I don’t want a fight!”

In the end it cost us about $22 (Australian). When we caught a real taxi later today we realised the trip should have cost us about $4. Oh well.

We checked out our apartment. It’s got two bedrooms and no toilet paper. We have marvelous views of empty lots full of sand. There’s a lot of sand here. It looks like the Middle East.

I was thirsty so I drank the tap water. I have been regretting that for the rest of today. At least it’s me this time and not Howie. He seems to always cop it.

We had a little kip and headed out to see the town. We ended up in a Shopping Centre much like one in Australia except there is a lot more Arabic signs and lots more women in burqas.

We watched Die Hard 4.0 at the cinemas. That was way fun. I was so sad I was going to miss seeing it when it opened in Sydney, now I get to see it a week and a half early. The Lord provides for those who do his work. I enjoyed the film. I think it fits well into the series, though, I wouldn’t say it’s anything spectac. I did enjoy all the destruction and fighting.

We did a little bit of walking out doors but it was too amazingly hot to stay for long, so we went back inside.

We finished our time in the Dinmar City Centre by shopping in the biggest supermarket I’ve ever seen for all the exotic local cuisine like corn chips, Coke, milk, bottled water and Ritz biscuits.

Now we’re home for the night to do sermon work. Yesssss. And I’ll finish Harry Potter.