7/24/2007 11:11:00 pm

La La La

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I had a Tuesday. I really needed today because work's been a little on the stressful side lately.

I did manage to wake up late, and lie in bed till later. There's a stereotype that Youth Ministers don't get up before 10am. I like to do whatever I can to live up to that calling on my life.

I had a shower, but we have no shower curtain because Ryan tried to clean it with bleach and melted it. Actually there was a little shower curtain but it was all in the plug hole.

I went to Macquarie and met the Gowies for lunch. The Bert and I visited Gloria Jean in Borders to do conference speaking planning. We're going to be international speakers. Scary.

I bought myself a bag/pack too. It's a pretty swanky Caribee. I love a good Caribee. The shopping didn't end there. Oh no. It was off to Koorong to by a preaching Bible (that means a Bible big enough to hide my notes in) and Anberlin on CD. I figure I'm a good Christian young man now that I own Anberlin. It's a good cd too. They make good music. I like.

Jo and I went to see Knocked Up. A funny movie it was. Warmed the heart too. Of course it was rather rude. But hey, rude things make me laugh.