7/30/2007 11:42:00 pm

12458.36 kms

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Tomorrow Howie and I are flying away. We're off to start our careers as international preachers.

Tomorrow night we're going to fly to Dubai. In Dubai we were going to hang out with my Dad who was going to be there for his work. But his work told him not to come, so now Howie and I are just going to be hanging out there. It will be sad to be there without Dad, but we have promised to go on the uphill waterslide in honour of him.

After a few days in Dubai, it's off to Kitale, Kenya. We're there because, in case you missed it last time, I got invited to go speak at a church's conference there by Pastor Albert who sent me an email. It's not often you get an email from some dude you've never met in a country you've never been to asking you to come preach, so I thought "Why not?" and then I said "Howie, do you want to come?"

So now we're doing a Youth Conference, Outdoor Meetings, Revivals and talking to Pastors and Leaders. All up, between us, we'll be speaking at least 10 times at 8 different events in four days. Fully hectic man.

Plus we're going to be praying for healing for people. Which is mighty scary. Like I've prayed for healing before but most of the time it happens in the natural course of time. God hasn't seemed to have given me the gift of healing. But I really do hope God does turn up and does heal, because that would be way cool.

After Kenya I'm off to the UK to hang out. I'll go to the Soul Survivor Festival.

Then I'll come home.

Unless I meet some hot girl and marry her. And then I'm not coming home.

I got sent off by the church yesterday. I got put in the magic spot and prayed for. It was cool. I haven't been in the magic spot for years, but it's good to feel the love.

Now I should go buy some travel insurance and read Harry Potter.