6/15/2007 11:15:00 pm


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So for those of you who are wondering, I'm off to Kenya in August. After the email from the guy in Kenya asking if I wanted to come (which I blogged about here) speak at his church and I figured, well, why not.

So Howie and I are off to Kenya. I would have to say it's a little scary. I think they expect me to be more famous than I am. They're running a conference because I'm coming. It's like the Tom French conference. And that's rather odd. Because the last conference I spoke at I was in a tent at 9 in the morning with 30 sleepy people. Actually that's the only conference I've spoken at. And now I am the conference.

Plus there's the whole cultural thing. I don't really know how a Kenyan preaches. I don't know how they expect and Australian to preach. And when I think about all illustrations I have, they're are almost all culturally inappropriate. I'm not sure that a Kenyan would identify with the struggles I have of owning a car, or the movies I watch, or the iPod I use.

But we're going and I'll just have to trust that God's word can rise above any issues I might have.