4/02/2007 12:41:00 am

Fun and Beanbags

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We had an awesomely fun time at youth group tonight. We were meant to play a wide game with about 25 small beanbags that an old lady donated to us a few years back. But before we could start the game, actually before we could finish our leader's meeting it was an all out beanbag throwing war. It was cool. We had almost everyone playing from big 18-year-old guys to small 11-year-old girls. It crazy fun. And some of those beanbags can hurt, especially if you cop one in the face, as I did. Way cool. Sometimes youth group is much more fun when you stop worrying about people getting injured. Oh how I wish I was a youth worker in the 80s.

This morning was pretty cool too. We decided to April Fool the youth Dance and Drama teams. So Chez, Pip and I organised for an announcement to be made in church that all the Dance and Drama leaders were away. Then two of the adults in the morning congregation were to take the groups for a lesson on rules and Leviticus. They were to be quite strict. Eventually we were going to walk in and say "April Fools" and take them to Maccas.

It went off wonderfully well. Chez, Pip and I hid down at the local shops for about half an hour while church began. Then hid in the park behind church to watch the young people walk to their lesson. Finally we walked in and surprised them. Though we spent about 2 minutes standing in the room before any of them really noticed. They were too busy studying making notes on mildew regulations to see us. It was fun. I think they were pretty happy to see us. They liked Maccas too. We'd lined up money with their parents beforehand so no one went hungry. Fun times. Though I won't see another April Fool's Sunday for a while, which is sad, because Sunday is the best day to April Fool when you work for a church.

I also told Howie that I woke up in the morning and had become a dog, but I don't think he believed me.