10/24/2006 11:57:00 pm


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What fun I did have today. Ryan and I went for a park reconnoiter this morning to find an ideal place for his party. It involved wandering through the leafy, streets of Woolarah feeling rather poor. It's a whole other world out there. We did find a nice park hidden from all but locals and probably anyone who thinks to look on a map. Should be lovely. Pity I can't go to the party.

Then it was off to Chatswood, via the Public Transport System with Jem (who was off to see her mum), to see Grandpa and Valentina. It's the first time I've spent substantial time with them since the trip. It was good to see them again. I like them. Grandpa told a lot of stories, 50% of which I hadn't even heard before so I figured I did pretty well.

Mum and Hannah were next. Hannah and I jumped on the trampoline. Mum and I talked. It was the usual happy affair. Mum tried to send me away with a bag full or chocolate biscuits, Pizza Shapes and Coke. This is unlike my mother who, when we were kids, would give Jo and I things like sultanas as an "unhealthy treat". I think her Grand-maternal instincts might be starting to show. Must remember to warn Jo.

Howie and Jenny were last on today's social smorgasboard. Howie cooked Chicken on the barbie like a man. Jenny stayed in the kitchen cutting up vegitables like a wife. I'm happy to see they've settled into their domestic arrangements so well. We played games on the PS2. Jenny dominated. Good stuff sister!

I caught the train home and it was all express and quick changes and easy. Lovely. Good day to have off. Yip.