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Kelly Country

Today we went to Kelly Country. After a morning coffee (hot chocolate and apple danish) with Ryan and Mil, Howie, David, Kostas and Eleni arrived to go suit shopping for the wedding. So we all (except Ryan and Mil) piled into the car and drove down the road to Kelly Country.

Wow! I've been dreaming of Kelly Country ever since seeing the ads on early in the morning when watching cartoons, or late at night stuck between a phone sex ad and a commercial for that restaurant where they ride horses or something. Finally we were going to the store with $99 suits.

And well, Kelly Country did not disappoint. We were in and out with 4 suits and 4 shirts in 20 minutes! Yes. And well, it was just cool. I think I love Kelly Country. It's the dodgy Chinese take-away of tailors. If you know what I mean.

After Kelly Country we took Kostas and Eleni out to see the sites of Sydney (The Opera House and Oporto) and ended up having a beer in a pub in the Rocks. Kostas was very impressed with his Tooheys New.

Not long now till the Wedding of Fun. Hooray. Free food!