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I Began

I began to write about the weekend but it didn't work. I got bored.

But what we did do on the weekend for part of Howie's Buck's Night was play Big Ball Footy. And that was wicked fun, fully sic, and all that!

If you're wondering, Big Ball Footy is pretty much Rugby League with a big exercise ball. And if there are bits of other footy codes you like, you can chuck them in for good measure. We used to play when we were 18 at 1am on local ovals. That was fun, it was like Fight Club but a little more odd and a lot less violent. Someone called the cops on us once and they arrived they didn't want to play with us. But they were mildly amused I think.

Anyway, we gave this game a rebirth on the weekend and it was very fun. I was never into contact sports when I was a young one, I was too scared. But now days I've warmed up a bit. I want to play more.

So Big Ball Footy was cool. It's good to get out on a patch of grass and do battle with a bunch of other guys over a big rubber ball. Shame we were all very unfit and had to have half time after about 12 minutes.

I think we'll play again. And maybe I'll be fitter by then. I doubt it.

I'm still in pain today.