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Tooth 2

I got my replacement tooth today. It's very white. It's not the permanent one, it's a fill in for four months till I get the final one.

This morning my class at college got cancelled and my dentist appointment got moved so I had a free morning. That was nice.

I went to a Christian Democratic Party in the afternoon where Gordon Moyes was meant to be talking about why Christians should be involved in Parliament. Which would have been good. But he talked about himself and his job for an hour. Which was also interesting but not what I went to hear.

At least I learnt about Parliament some more plus I like the CDP more now too. At the end they tried to get me to sign up to their mailing list, but I declined. I don't think they were too happy. Perhaps it is my duty as a Christian to vote CDP. But I'm not very good at that.

I went to the Dentist after that and he gave me my new tooth. He just put it in where the screw was, got a little screw driver and screwed it in. It was pretty quick but I'm in more pain now than I was yesterday even though yesterday I had a hole drilled into my head. Strange.

Tonight we had a farewell dinner for Howie because he moved out of the parent's house. Was fun. We laughed. Jenny ate tofu.