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So now I'm home. I've returned from my days in Hornsby with the lil Sister and big Brother. I did have a nice time in Hornsby. It's nice to be somewhere different but familiar. Coming in with all my bags on Thursday night felt like I was coming home from a really long holiday. It was good to sit on the couch again and watch dvds, and stay up late chewing the fat with Howie. It was nice to see Hannah first thing in the morning every morning. It was nice to make her breakfast, even if I wouldn't eat what she eats. It was fun to be back at the home of my youth.

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on the sermon, or thinking I should be working on the sermon. It was a really hard sermon to do. The passage was rather bleak, lots of death and things going badly. And the subject matter that came out wasn't real fun either. I spent many hours last night trying to make something workable. But it didn't really feel good. I went to bed at around 1:30 am with the sermon not feeling there. I dreamt all night about war, shooting people and being shot at. I think the sermon was getting to me.

I finished it this afternoon, and it all felt better. But still, it wasn't a real happy sermon. I preached it tonight and it was hard. Some sermons are fun, some feel like you're pushing a pile of bricks up hill. This was one of those brick ones. Anyway, I hope it fits well in the series. I think things get better from here. One sermon down, two to go. That's both an exciting and tiring concept. Cool.

Hooray for public holidays.