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Yeah it was the HannahVan that broke down.

Hannah on the other hand is doing well. I saw her today. Not for very long though, she wasn't all that interested in me. Oh well.

My Dad is though. I spent the afternoon with my Dad. We went and had lunch together then went and saw Kakoda. It was fun to hang out with my Dad. The movie was a little unpleasant. It wasn't a good advertisement for fighting in World War II. Or at least it didn't make it look appealing. It did make it look worthwhile. Lucky though the Australian Army aren't trying to recruit people to fight the Japanese. Now they're recruiting us to fight the insurgents in Iraq who are threatening our freedom. But then again I'd rather go to Iraq and stop the insurgents and stop civil war, than have invaded in the first place but maybe I'm picky.

Oh I was talking about my Dad.

Mum and Dad got a new computer today. It's a shiny Dell. I do like computers. Howie and I set it up. I hung out with him tonight. We wandered around Hornsby trying to work out where to eat dinner and ended up walking back to his place with frozen meals and a DVD.

This morning I had to go and see a dentist who was a consultant for the insurance company to verify that I really did lose a tooth and no-one is trying to rip them off. The dentist was working for this medical consulting company whose job is just to check patients insurance claims. There was a whole floor of an office building where doctors worked just to check that people weren't making things up. I thought it would be a rather depressing job to find yourself in if you got into the medical business hoping to help people.