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Endodontists, Bus Drivers, and Other Villains

I went to see the Endodontist today. He's the guy who does root canals. I walked into the office feeling rather hostile. I think all this dental stuff, all these people sticking stuff in my mouth, and never really enjoying it, is making me dislike all these mouth people.

Actually that said, I like my two dentists. They're quite friendly to me.

I wasn't much of a fan of Dr Endodontist, however. The waiting room was overly flaunty (why do dentists have to show you how rich they are? It's like they're saying "All this plush stuff was paid for by people like you") and his chair was un-comfortable. When I was with the doctor he stuck dry ice on my tooth to establish if it was dead or not (this is the big front tooth next to the tooth I lost. Tooth 11 perhaps, or maybe 23, I can't remember). I couldn't feel a thing. I liked that, it was fun. I have a dead tooth.

Before I went I asked the receptionist on the phone how payment worked. She said that I had to pay it all at the time of treatment, that it would cost upwards of $1000 but it was ok because the doctor would give me a quote first. So I'm thinking "That's ok, if he quotes me too much I'll tell him I can't afford it today"

Well this is how the quote went: "What's happened is that you've crushed the nerve, and your tooth is dead. I'm going to drill out your root and then clean it out. It'll take one visit and cost $1100."

So I said "Ok" Thinking that meant he was about to send me out to book in my one visit and raise the money for the procedure (I was thinking about selling a kidney, I hear kidneys are over-rated).

But he just said to his assistant "Pass me the anesthetic"

And I was thinking "That was an 'Ok I understand' not an 'Ok, yes please stick needles in my face, drill a holes in my teeth and charge me exorbitant amounts for the privilege'" So I was a little disappointed, to say the least, when I had to spend the next hour with a guy sticking his hands and drills down my throat.

The upside was I got to watch Mr Bean on a TV on his roof. I just tried hard not to find it too amusing in case I laughed a lot and he accidentally drilled me a new nostril or something.

Anyway, I left that place a lot poorer, and in a bad mood. To top it all off, once I was free I went to Boost juice to get something to fill me up seeing as I hadn't eaten anything all day, but when I tried to catch the bus to work the bus driver wouldn't let me on with the drink. I had to throw most of it out. I was rather annoyed. Normally I'm quite a placid guy, but I walked back to the bus saying "Love your enemies, love your enemies, love your enemies." So it must have been bad, because generally I can't ever find any enemies to love. But that bus driver became mine today.

Happily Beth hopped on the bus a bit later and caught it with me, so that cheered me up. It was good to have company.

In other news: Tonight Howie and I went to see Lano and Woodley tonight. And they were funny. Watching them makes you think "It would be fun to be a comedian". Then I think for a few seconds more and think "No it wouldn't."