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I saw Jamie Cullum tonight. Jamie was so tops!

Jem and I caught the bus into the city after I got back from work today. It's so fun living so close. I kept checking the tickets in my pocket because I was paranoid I might loose them.

We met the others (Cilla, Howie, Jenny and Debbie) and went in search of food. After finding nothing and splitting up, Jem and I found this dodgy little Chinese/Malay place down many stairs. The whole place was stocked out with cheap furniture and fraying carpet. The food was ok.

When we got to the theatre we took our seats. I went and visited the youth group girls who had come too. 'Tis always fun seeing people you know from different places in your life in different places, if that makes sense.

The support act, Mark Sholtez, was ok. He seemed to like himself a little too much and his cover of "All I Want is You" was poor. During the performance I was talking to Howie and the guy in front turned around and told us to "Shut up". We didn't hear him though and kept talking. We only found out from the girls later.

Then it was Jamie time.

He was so cool. He's a damn good performer. He's lots of fun, make jokes, plays good solos, and good re-arraignments. And he jumps around the stage a bunch.

During "High and Dry" (which was probably one of the best songs of the night) he got the audience to sing a two part harmony. It sounded great. It wasn't a boisterous, sing-a-long, it was mellow kinda deal. It sounded like Jamie was doing a worship set. Which did lead me to reflect on what makes worship worship, but not for too long because I wasn't really there to consider theology.

"London Skies" was most cool, with a funky Latin drum solo to cap it off. There's a version that's not as good on iTunes. This one was better, probably a lot because it had a whistle and I love whistles.

All of Jamie was good. We weren't allowed to stand up or dance in our section of the theatre, but in the encore Jamie made us all get on our feet and jump. I figured that seeing as Jamie is the performer he overides the silly signs in the foyer. So I got up and jumped and bopped a little. Live music works best standing up I think. Except for when you're listening to jazz and eating soup. It's very dangerous to eat soup and stand up.

So yay for Jamie!

And yay for the year of live events!

Only Coldplay, Mundine vs Green, Lano and Woodley and U2(!) to go. Plus anyone else who I happen to get tickets to this year. Yeepaa!