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Tonight Howie and I packed up my CDs and DVDs in preparation for moving. Wow. I've never moved before, it's a little surreal. I'm moving out of home. I was feeling sad for my house because everyone here is losing such a good CD collection. At least, I like my collection, it has all my favourite CDs in it.

We watched Live Aid as we worked. The U2 performance was smashing. People say that performance was one of the turning points in their career. It was the one where the world noticed U2. It has a beautiful moment where Bono climbs off the stage picks a girl out of the crowd who's getting stuck against the barriers. It's magical. I've always heard about that moment and now I've gotten to see it.

The rest of the show was good, but I didn't know a lot of the bands. I wasn't all the up on popular music when I was 2-years-old so I don't remember them.