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Checking In

I'm such a bad blogger. Life in the new land is fun. Although I don't like the extra driving.

I parked in my driveway last night because the street had all it's parking taken up by people going to the theatre. Because my driveway is too skinny I couldn't fit the car all the way in and it blocked some of the footpath. Someone left a note on my car which said "Moron - Pedestrian Access - Report you" I don't think they liked having to walk around my car. But then again they did go to the trouble of climbing over our fence and into the driveway to stick the note on the front of the car so it can't have been the extra work that my car created that was the problem.

While someone was climbing over my car and fence I was up at the pub with Jo and Jem and Ajuk (sp?). I'd just got home from a long day of youth ministering and I could just pop up to the pub for a beer. It was great. And I have now found out that there is a 7-11 just 4 minutes walk from my house. Woo-hoo 24 hour cold Coke.

I managed to find IKEA on Tuesday. I bought a desk and a book shelf. I'm happy with them although I haven't done a very good job at using my desk yet as it's still covered in boxes.

This working week has been good. The good thing about working more is you get to see more people. More time youthing. So that is funness. I'm not enjoying having less nights at home. And less opportunity to go to the movies. I'll have to work on that.

I had some butter chicken in Hornsby today with Howie and Jenny. It's nice to eat some familiar food court food. It has been missing from my life.