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Four Shoes

I bought new shoes today. Actually, two pairs. I wanted one pair but they wouldn't go well with shorts so I bought another pair that were on sale to go with my shorts. I've never owned two pairs of everyday shoes before it feels rather excessive. But this time I figured I could justify it because they were on sale so it cost the same as one pair of shoes, and they'll wear out slower so it should be twice as long till I have to buy shoes again.

Other than shoe shopping, today was rather quiet. I watched videos on Google Video and went to Church with Howie, Jenny and Felicity. After Church we dropped Felicity home and headed over to Debbie's housesitting house. I hung out with people I didn't really know all night and forgot to be worried about it. We played a board game where I was required draw a picture the Janet Jackson "Nipplegate" affair. It was fun.

Last night I watched My Date with Drew with my parents. That was quality. It was a documentary about a guy who gave himself 30 days to get a date with Drew Barrymore. It was very cool. Sweet would probably be an appropriate word for it.

Tomorrow I'm hanging out with Ryan. I really like holidays.