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I'm sitting here in 5 star comfort at Star City. It's kinda fun. Howie and I are staying here, well, because we can. And so we don't have to go home as far after going to Westfield Bondi tonight.

I arrived in the Hannah Van. I gave it to the Valet parking guy and told him he better not scratch it. He thought that was pretty funny.

came over to visit tonight because Howie has gone out to dinner with his lovely lady.

David and I explored the pool and spa which was fun, then found some expensive dinner to eat. While we we looking for a resturant, walking through the gaudy surrounds of the Casino, a big scary looking man tried to grab me on the bum. Generally only my friends do that so I turned around to say "Hello" but realised that this wasn't someone I knew. Oh well. As least I known people find me attractive.

After dinner David and I went out for Ice Cream at Darling Harbour. It was very romantic. Now I'm about to have a bath then a nap for a bit.

Then at 3am it's off to Westfield. Woohoo!