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I don't want to moan about being a bad blogger but I am. I just haven't been making the time for it.

Today Helen, Jon, Lauren and I moved Helen into her new Newtown house. It was good fun. Lots of lifting and stairs climbing, but also time to explore Newtown a bit. I got to dream about next year and the joys of living in the Newtown. (I learnt why Newtown was called Newtown the other day, something to do with a farm and a general store, but I've forgotten now.)

Tonight we hung out in the flat ate noodles, drank sparkling white wine and Coke and ate chocolate. It was fun. I laughed a lot.

Yesterday was rather stressful. Getting the U2 tickets was hard. Mum, Howie and I were all calling the Ticketek line. Howie and I were both on our computers trying to get onto the website. At one stage I had six different windows open all trying to get onto the site. Then finally after 40 minutes of trying, the seas parted, and two of my browsers arrived at the site. I logged on as both Howie and myself and bought 12 tickets. Phew.

After that I made a few phone calls to see how others had fared, then went back in to try and shop for those less fortunate than I. That meant that I was online watching as the last tickets were sold. Contrary to media reports, that was 1 hour and 40 minutes after the sale started, not 60 minutes. But 60 minutes does sound good.

I'm wondering if I should go to the concert on the Saturday night too. Go sit somewhere different. See the show from a different perspective. It would cost money. There are starving children in the world. Although there are billions of them and only one U2. Please don't bother trying to correct that logic.

I didn't get to shower yesterday because there were workmen next door cutting up the sewerage pipe. It meant I smelt a little until I got to the shopping centre to wash up a bit with soap.

I did other things yesterday too (Max Brenner's Chocolate World with Ryan and Libby, Lunch with Matt, a sleep in the park, Pub with the boys and girl) and they were all fun. I was well blessed yesterday.