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Well yesterday wasn't as eventful. It was a work day. They're normally fun, but un-remarkable.

At the lunchtime group at school the people who came handed out flowers and chocolates to their fellow school mates. It was cool. We suddenly became popular and our group doubled in size even when the chocolates and flowers ran out.

In the afternoon I ran a Bible Study for the year 8s. It was fun. It was planned to be a study for people to go deeper into the Bible than in their usual small groups. I was a little worried that I might not be smart enough for it. But I think we managed ok. I challenged to group to stay focused this time and they did well. As opposed to my usual small group, everyone participated and stayed on track. I had enjoyed myself.

My small group afterwards was a crazy as usual. It was a distinct contrast to the one before.

After small group I went out with Howie, David and Anmol. I ate half a box of Chef's Lucky Noodles for dinner (Number 30 with thick rice noodles) and we went off to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That was a good movie. Smart, funny, witty, twisted, black, cool. That's my six word review.

I ate the rest of the noodles for breakfast this morning.