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Today, Yesterday and Tonight

I've been very productive at work today. I've cleaned my office for the first time in a year and a half, I've made a website to download sermons from (not a very snazzy one though), I've made a program for this term. Of course that's not a very long list, but they are big jobs.

Last night Howie came over to the apartment to hang. We watched The West Wing and what was going on in London while we ate Subway and ice cream. It was strange flipping between the events of the fictional America and the events of the world. The fictional world doesn't recycle footage nearly as much as the live news does, but the fictional world doesn't ever seem as relevant in the midst of disaster.

Tonight I'm going to David's Dosa Party. That I'm looking forward to. I've never eaten a dosa before and with everyone's raving I'm hoping they're good.