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Last night someone who shall remain anonymous brought up an objection to me saying that I haven't had McDonald's in over a year. So let me clarify, I haven't eaten or drunk any original products from Maccas since 15th May 2004. I have drunk their Coke, and I have eaten cereal and drunk milk out of containers that they sold me. But you can buy all them in the supermarket and they weren't made by Maccas. So there you go. I haven't eaten any fries, or cookies, burgers, ice creams. I haven't drunk any of their smoothies. I have however eaten their ice.

So there you go. I think I'm Maccas pure, but I'm not really concerned if I'm not because I don't know why I've given up on McDonald's. I just decided to stop. I guess it's an exercise in refraining from something that was important to me. Maybe it was about being healthier. Maybe it was about not conforming to the norms of society. Maybe it was just something to do. I guess if I haven't figured it out now, I never will but I'm quite happy being Ronald free.