5/10/2005 11:52:00 pm

The Photos

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This is the rest of our trip.

Leaving home.jpg
This is us leaving at 5:27am

Howie on Train.jpg
Howie takes a photo of himself on the train on the way to the Airpot

The Plane.jpg
Our failed attempt at a self timer shot of our plane using the moving walkway rail as our mount for the camera.

At the Airport.jpg
Just after finding our way out of Coolangatta Airport (I don't think they expected anyone to walk there, there were no footpaths in or out of the Airport)

In Coolangatta.jpg
Upon arrival at Coolangatta

Shopping Centre.jpg
The Shopping Centre with the Noodle place with cheap Buddies

Howie Blogging.jpg
Howie blogging

To finish the story. After blogging we went to the Burger place. We bought our meals which were cheap and good. Then caught the bus to the airport, cheap and good.

After check-in we browsed and I spent way too much money on a book about Bono. It is a good read though. After reading in the lounge for a bit we got on our plane to come home.

On the Plane Home.jpg
On the Plane on the way home

On the plane I got the window seat. It was great. I slept most of the way home but I woke up for the decent. I really properly saw Westfield this time. I was making it up a little when I said I saw it in the last post. It was cool. I saw the Asquith train yards, and Hornsby's many units. I saw Chatswood and Grandpa and Valentina's unit (or at least the corner of the building where it is). I saw the Harbour Bridge and the city and the glass pyramid greenhouse in the Botanical Gardens winked at me as the sun refelected of it for a split second. It was wonderful.

We caught the train home. I slept on that too.

Howie taking photo.jpg
Howie takes a photo on the Station

Tonight we went to Community Dinner and that was very nice. I have had a fantastic day. There should be more days off like it. Although, perhaps I would like most of them to be less expensive than today was.