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A Weekend Unlike Any Other
Except perhaps those which are similar

I slept in this morning which was absolutely tops. I dreamt about having to wake up, but to my great delight when I actually did wake up, I realised that I hadn?t woken up before. It was brilliant. And now I'm just spending the morning bumming around before I head off to college to do some library work. And Greek, yuck.

Anyway I think I was going to make this post about my weekend.


I woke up bright and early at around 7am. I was going whitewater rafting.

The next hour or so was pretty stupid. I drove to my house to collect my things out of my dust filled, internally metamorphosing house. I went in and got my shoes, locked the door, got to the car and remembered I needed a t-shirt. I went back in got a shirt, went back to the car, took my t-shirt off, realised I'd forgotten a towel, went back in while putting my new t-shirt and got a towel. Once I had all that, I the proceeded to attempt to reverse down the driveway. I have done this hundreds of times before but suddenly forgot how to do it and spent the next few minutes helplessly going backwards and forwards at the top of my driveway hoping that the neighbours weren't watching.

Once I had left, I drove off to a house to pick up two girls I had never met before. I thought I had, which is why I offered to give them a lift, but it turned out when I picked them up that I had no idea who they were. Oh well, I'm generally in the habit of picking up random women, so that's ok.

Once we got to Penrith, a car trip of awkward conversation later, we met the others for our artificial extreme sports adventure.

There were eight of us, and after we had endured a safety session with about 30 big, noisy men on a buck's party, we were put in our raft with our instructor "Crunchy". We were taught how to obey his commands (paddle forwards, paddle back, lean left, lean right, get down, on the job) then we paddled onto a conveyor belt which took us up to the top of the course.

The rafting course (as used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics) is very short. Probably about 200 meters circular. But it was fun. There were lots of waves and fast flowing water. We went round the course about five times, trying it different ways. On the last round we pulled off to the side, dumped our paddles and took our boat back to the bottom of a large waterfall/swell/gush thing (I have no idea what the technical names are) and our instructor seemed to be determined to get us to capsize and avoid capsizing the boat at the same time. I enjoyed that, I felt like was on the set of the movie The River Wild (which I'm not really sure why that film has lingered so well in my memory). I fell out at one stage. I grabbed on to the boat and tried to haul myself in. Helen and whoever was next to her, pulled me back in using their newly learnt rapids rescue abilities. It was my favourite part of the adventure, it was like a movie ("Don't let go Tom! We've got you!" "I'm trying! I'm trying!" "If you go, I go too!" No one said that but it would have been cool if they did).

Once we were finished we were sent off to get changed. When greeted by a change room full of big naked men on a buck's party, I was a little perturbed. I think I managed to maintain my dignity though. I wonder if I shared similar feelings with the stripper who would probably visit those men later that night.

Once lunch was done, I drove my two new boating buddies home and there was much less awkward conversation. It's amazing what a near-real, pseudo-dangerous, life threatening situation can do to build camaraderie.

Once back at my temporary home I had a sleep.

I woke up and headed off to Starbucks for a meeting about this year's major Breakthru' production. It was a fun meeting, and I was happy to be in a meeting where I wasn't talking about youth ministry. Creative stuff is a nice change.

At night, after bumming around and watching a bit of John Mayer on DVD, Howie and I headed off to the city to see The Dawn Collective's EP launch. Getting on the train at St Leonard's I realised it was a Saturday night when I walked downstairs and entered the "Valley of Cleavage". I had to catch a train full of people off to clubs talking about manicures and fake tan. It was an horrificly boring eavesdropping situation.

At the door of the Metro the bouncers checked my ID and stamped my arm. It was again fun to feel the thrill of being over 18. It's only happening for four years.

In the darkened room that was the "space" for the launch, I met some people I knew. "Hello" "Hello". There was a band playing who I had never heard of but were interesting. They seemed to be an odd mix of talented musicians who still seemed to be writing music for their HSC major work. I liked them most of the time though.

More people who I knew arrived and I said "Hello" "Hello" some more. The Dawn Collective played. It was the first time I had seen them and they did good. I had been told they were arty, so I was little worried, but they weren't silly, inaccessible, vibey arty. I heard someone say they were very tight (I'm assuming they were talking about their musicianship) and I decided to adopt that as an adjective to make me sound musically smart. Anyway I liked them, they made me want to be able to play music and that, for me, is always the sign of a good band.

Howie, Sal and I Nightrider-ed it home. Waiting at Town Hall for at bus at midnight is always an interesting anthropological experience. Lots of girls in little skirts, drunk sleazy men who I wouldn't want my daughter marrying, cops, hotted up cars playing the music that is playing in the clubs they're driving to (I'm guessing the car trip there is a like a warm up) and the odd middle aged couple who seem to have gotten lost on their way home from whatever restaurant they were out at with their middle aged friends.

I went to bed around 1:40ish.


I woke up dull and early at 8am. I had a shower and despised the world a little less.

There wasn't really much to Sunday that was unusual. I got to sit in the morning service and do nothing. That was nice. Stephen preached about the end of the world. That was nice.

I didn't have any lunch friends so I mooched around the office and planned the teaching for youth group in the afternoon. I also managed to have a nap and write lots of appointments into my Outlook calender. Tim and I hung out and he gave me some strawberry YoGo.

During youth group we played a game of Stomp. I think I got my first ministry black eye yesterday. Trying to stomp on each other's feet me and a girl both jumped at each other at the same time. We collided. She kneed me in the leg and I headbutted her with my ear in the eye. She retired hurt to get ice on her eye. I felt bad, and the rest of the afternoon was filled with jokes about what a bad person I am.

Church was good. I was completely zoned out by the end. I couldn't think straight and I was looking forward to going home. After Maccas I drove to Coles and stocked up on food that's bad for me. I came home, drank Coke, and ate Janet's dinner, microwaved food and Milo chocolate moose. Howie and I stayed up late talking. I went to bed and slept in. It was great.