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I was awoken this morning by my mother. She asked if I wanted to do birthday celebrations. When I said I’d come upstairs she told me to hold on because my present wasn’t wrapped yet.

When I arrived up Mum and Dad's room I was put into their bed, as per tradition, but it was a little lacking seeing as Hannah was at respite, Robert was asleep, and Jo has moved out. It was just me sitting in the middle of the bed while Mum and Dad perched down the other end at opposite sides. I got two cards and one present. Mum and Dad got me a cordless drill. Most exciting.

Truly, I really am excited about that, I asked for it. I can drill holes in things now. And screw drive really fast. I’m can't wait to find something worthy of the first drill.

Once the festivities were over (I think they ended when I got a phone call from my Grandpa who rang to inform me that he woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that he had forgotten my birthday. While I was on the phone, Mum went to get ready for work and Dad got bored and went to the toilet.) I got ready for my first day at my new college. I seem to have a habit of starting life at various learning institutions on my birthday. I stared school and college on previous birthdays too.

I arrived at college and found the one person I knew in my class and followed her around till it was time to start. I felt like an annoying little newbie, but I didn’t seem to worried about my dignity in that respect today.

I wasn’t nervous about this new situation, which was unexpected.

Class was interesting. It was the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) and it was challenging. I had to think hard in order to keep up with the lecturer. I really enjoyed listening to a lecture where I had to stay on my mental toes.

After the first hour of class, I had a two hour break. I wandered off into the streets surrounding my college, to see if I could wander around the streets surrounding my college. Turns out I could. I managed to find an oval that was large and boring, to read my book at. I had my birthday lunch in a little café reading the paper. I ate a chicken burger.

I returned to college.

My next two hours of class were fun again. There were students who asked really smart questions that I didn’t understand. I felt like I was out of my depth. I liked it.

All day I got sms-es from people wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Once class was over, I explored the Library, the walked over to Jo and Jem’s house. There I had a birthday celebration consisting of four muffins and 8 candles. It was very nice.

Back at college I had my Greek lectures. They were bad. I didn’t really understand. I’m scared I’m going to fail Greek real badly. I have to learn a whole new alphabet, I have enough trouble with the normal one. Oh well. I only have to do a year of Greek.

I walked to the station once the Greek ordeal was over and waited for a train. At Strathfield I explored the station for my dinner options, but there was nothing there.

Once I got back Hornsby, I rang home to see if there was any dinner there for me. There wasn’t because they thought I would have been eating with Jo. I stopped at Magic Kebab.

My birthday dinner celebration was a chicken kebab with the lot and a bottle of Coke. I ate it alone on a bench in Hornsby Park at 11pm.

I came home to find that Robert has given me a helium ballon Bear dressed as a bride and put it in my bed. She’s beautiful.

So that’s my birthday. Rather depressing in print, but I’ve been happy enough all day. My parents are always the best and I liked hanging out with Jo, Jem and their housemates. Getting lots of messages has been nice. And I had fun seeing how much of my birthday I would spend alone. Truly. I’m sure the novelty would wear off quickly, but I don’t think you can have a crappier birthday dinner than a kebab, alone in a dodgy park in the middle of the night, and that kind of thing amuses me.