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Today was a good day. It felt like the first day back at school after the Christmas holidays. Those days always had a sense of anticipation to them. You would arrive and wonder what your new teacher would be like, who you would sit next to, who had the best covered books in the class. It was always an interesting day.

Once I got to work, it was much like normal, except I could see how it was different. I feel a bit like I did at the beginning of last year, except now we're on season two, the return series. Should be fun though.

Tonight Mum, Dad, Howie and I ate dinner together. A rare event. Mum and I argued about whether Jesus was calling us to perfection, or pronouncing everyone a sinner, at the Sermon on the Mount. It then evolved into a discussion on the tension between an attitude of grace, and an intolerance of sin in the church. We were essentially arguing two sides of the same coin, as we generally do, but I like our discussions. Mum never lets me think that I may know everything. And because she’s my mother, she gives the impression that she probably does. I’d say that’s the way it should be.