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There isn't much to say today. It's the last day in Adelaide, how sad. It is a lovely city. It's so easy to drive around and the locals are very friendly. If I were a travel writer I'd recommend Adelaide to anyone.

All over Adelaide there have been posters for an event that was on last night called "Adelaide Bands Together" which was designed to raise money for Tsunami victims. We figured it'd be a bunch of local bands doing their thing. Local music, good fun. So we headed off in search of the venue.

The posters didn't give us an address just the name of a pub in Hindmarsh. So we found our way to Hindmarsh about 3 hours late for the start of the event and drove around a suburb full of factories, vending machines and closed pubs. There didn't seem to be any places open though. Eventually after asking for directions at a service station we found our way to the Governor Hotel.

Upon arriving we made our way in through a side door, past a person doing terrible Karaoke, through a deserted bar and into a garage full of people dancing to a Irish sounding band out the front. I looked at the crowd and noticed that they all had something in common. The were all about 40 and had a little too much to drink. It was like going to a Christmas Party with your parents when you were 12. It was really weird. I've never seen so many 40 year old women dancing. And I'm not sure if I want to see it again. I was feeling quite young. Obviously the Governor isn't the place where the 20s hang out.

We turned around to go outside and look for some dinner and discovered the front door where they were charging people $20 to get in. Oops. I have never snuck into an event before, so I thought it was good that my first success at evading bouncers (or at least alternative looking women with bandanas on their heads) was at a charity event.

We left but came back in later and paid the $20 cover fee.

Apart from all the gyrating middle aged clubbers, it was good night. The bands played mostly covers of Mix 106.5 songs, but it was fun. I did enjoy myself. At least now I can say I've don't the Adelaide night life.

Today, I'm not doing much. We'll take Howie to the Airport soon. After that it's back to the YHA to clean. In the morning we'll be up at 7am and off to some town in Victoria. The road trip continues. Thank you Adelaide, it's been tops!