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I'm going to the Water Works today and where has all the good weather gone? It was hot yesterday, and Thursday. I was dying for the beach. I consoled myself by saying "On Saturday I'm going to the Water Works" and now I'm here, and the weather is cold and grey.

Oh well.

I went to visit a youth group in western Sydney last night. It was fun. I like new youth groups. They spent most of the nights in groups organising their Youth Service which is coming up. This meant that I spent most of the night sitting alone on a chair in the middle of the hall trying not to looking like I as sitting alone on a chair in the middle of the hall. I read my talk over a few times.

I did my talk and it went alright. It wasn't a very funny talk. It's hard not doing funny talks because kids never give you much visual feedback. They don't look impressed, or nod their head, or say "Amen". So you just have to plow through and hope that it's doing something. There was one leader who was looking very concerned about what I was saying. I think maybe she didn't agree with me.

After the group I got to hang out with the kids a bit and have a chat, that's always my favourite bit. They were good fun.

On the way home I pulled into a petrol station that was large, over lit and underpopulated. I filled my car up then went to pay. The counter woman was very friendly and asked me about my day, and the weather. Then my Visa card got rejected. This was a worry because I had just made sure there was money in my account. She told me the machine is sometimes funny and she'd try again. Nope, no luck.

"Oh dear. That's no good." I started having visions of being stuck at the petrol station for the next week having to earn money by busking and doing portraits of people on napkins from the Freezie machine.

I called Robert and got him to log onto my internet banking. After telling him my life's secrets, he told me that I still had as much money in my account as I thought I had. I went back to the friendly counter woman and asked to try again. She told me that usually the rejects people once, but never twice, but I could be the unlucky first. It turns out I was. My card was fine third try.

I drove off with the legitimate petrol in my tank. I stopped off at KFC for dinner then drove home.