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I arrived in Grandpa and Valentina's flat tonight. It's cool. I'm unit sitting for the next month. I've just been making myself at home. Figuring out where things are, how the swipe card works, the computer works, the tv works. All the important things of life. I'm looking forward to seeing what life alone in a posh, Chatswood unit is like. I'm sure I'll pull the chicks in this pad.

It's been a while since a proper blog. I really shouldn't blog now. I don't think I have time, but I might do it anyway. I've put on some music to make it all a bit more productive. So what were the days?


That was a fun day. I got to got to Canberra with nine dancers. Most of my life I seem to be surrounded by females but being the only guy on an overnight trip to Canberra is a new experience. It was good fun, there just weren't nearly as many fart jokes and I would have liked, and every car talked about marriage I think.

The drive was fun. We left at 1pm after I spent the morning running around trying to get the van well enough to drive to Canberra. In the end it was too sick so I took the little car which worked out alright, and I could listen to cds on the drive, bonus.

When we arrived in Canberra it seemed that neither Sal nor Nic were very good at finding their way around Canberra, and so we managed to further destroy the reputations of NSW drivers and break most of the traffic laws available while trying to find our destination. In the end we made it. We arrived at a big girl's school where the dance conference was on. We arrived at 5:30 and we were doing Aimee at 7:30.

I had a chat to Helen and found out she's famous in Christian dance circles. That was funny. I know a famous person. She also told me what I should talk about. What she said meant that I needed to change my plans for the talk, but turned out better. I found a deserted class room and spent an hour writing my talk for after the show.

During Aimee I sat next to the lighting man and told him what to do. When the show finished I had to go down to the stage, grab the mic then go the go tell the gospel to 150 dancers and their friends (150 is just a guess, I have no idea really). I was scared, but it went good. I tried to read the Bible but it's hard when the print is small, you're walking around, and there are lots of people listening to you. I got through it and did a talk I can't really remember. I went without notes and just sort of went for it. Fun, but I don't like not knowing what I said. People said it was good.

After the performance we had supper and the youth teased me for a facial hair.

We slept the night in a church in the suburbs. Being the only guy I got a room to myself. Cool.


I woke up to rain, and that's all it did all day.

We drive to Black Stump in the rain. We arrived in the rain. We registered in the rain. We set up camp in the rain. Then I booked and motel room, and the girls ran off to find their own motel.

I headed off to Campbeltown to find my F1. I got horribly lost, but with the help of a phone call to Howie, and two hours of getting to know Campbeltown, I found my home for the night. I had a shower, changed my clothes, watched Tim Bailey on the news and then headed back to Stump for my night of fun.

The night was good. Bands played, I can't remember anyone remarkable, but I was just happy to be at Stump.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

The rest of Stump was good. The sun came out. I spent a lot of time hanging around with people who I don't see very often. I didn't watch many bands. Joel Hockey was very funny. Tony Campollo was exciting, but he never opened his eyes when he talked. I like his social justice slant.

Blind played good. It's a shame their breaking up, they play solid music.

Revive were fun. I got to chat to Rich afterwards, and we're gonna catch up. That's the first time in 3 years.

The commando course was tops again. I managed to do the whole thing and only pull one muscle.

The Outback Hippies rocked as usual. We finished up at around 3am. Woohoo. The only time of the year I have a proper dance in public and it's great.

Aimee went well. People liked us, I didn't even have to press play. I got the sound man to do that. I just watched from the audience. How fun is it to stress less?

Sunday morning I spent a few hours with myself, Bible-ing and praying. That was great. When you're living 5,000 other people you appreciate time alone a lot more. It was good because I got to continue the continual dialogue between God and myself about how useful I am. God is good and I think I'm useless. But sometimes, God lets me know I'm not useless, and sometimes I believe him.

I love Stump and I love the people who I got to see at Stump.