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ONE NIGHT ONLY....Special Guest Appearance from HOWIE

Just wanted to drop by and show my support to tom Tom.
Tom is a really talented blogger and it has Been a real honour blogging along side him.

We have shared some great times over the years, and he has always been there for in my times of need.
I know he reads my blog and I'm always going to read his.

As we are both so busy these days flying all over the world promoting out latest blog posts its hard to find time to hang out together. I know tom would love to see me more often and I him. The life of a celebrity blogger is not as glamorous as we may portray. We are always so busy and the pressure on us to come through with so much fresh material can be quite trying at times. But it is because of our fan base that we stay committed and focused.

So thanks everyone for taking the time to support us, keep the comments coming, and keep buying our merchandise so we can keep it real.

thanks for letting me have this guest appearance tom, it really means a lot. Make sure you drop by howie's halfpipe and pay a visit.

Peace out.