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I had breakfast with Jo this morning at a cafe on the side of the road in Chatswood. There was too much rockmelon in my fruit salad and I saw a guy who was in my year at school who is a lot cooler than I am. Jo is good quality though, and the rest of the food was good.

I'm at home in Hornsby at the moment. I'm going to do some video editing. I think Robert is feeling a little disconnected from my computer now that I'm home because he's lying on the floor next to me looking depressed. I'm sure he'll perk up when I leave again.

I have lots of stuff that due in at college this week. Although, these days I can't manage to go a week where I don't have at least two assessments due in. I guess that's what happens when you get most of a semester free of assessments.

Although I was thinking, my Field Education, and Spirituality on Screen classes both have had assessments due in every class. While that's not too bad because class is once a month, I have never had another subject with that many assessments. Not that I'm complaining, they haven't been all that hard, I haven't had to do much research and I have been able to talk about my feelings a lot. Whether or not that is a good thing I don't know. But at least I don't have to borrow a book from the library to know how I'm feeling.