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I went away on the weekend.

I really enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of fantastic people. I had fun driving. The drive down was good fun, alone in the car with my music and windy roads. Fun fun.

I liked talking to people I don't normally talk to. And people I never talk to. I even learnt someone's name. I felt a bit silly doing that, but it's good to know new people.

I slept in a room with Mike. He now seems to be by room buddy on any camp with church. The only times I really talk to Mike are when we live together. He is good to share a room with though, I like Mike.

We went to Kangaroo Valley in our free time, which I was dreading. But after one visit to a craft like store, and everything seemed to be looking bad, I claimed my manhood and went in search of a park. I found one and decided craft stores can be forgotten, I was going to read my book next to the grassy expanse. In the end I walked around the whole oval balancing on the boundary fence. It was probably as much fun but more challenging than reading a book. Lozza (I never call her Lozza, or Loz, always Lauren, no matter), Liz, Rach and Tanya were also at the oval, and they were good company.

Tonight we had a panel where we talked about the poor. I didn't feel like it was all that exciting. It was a bit difficult because I hadn't done any proper thinking about the subject. And then the questions threw me off a little. And everyone seemed a little restless. But that's ok. I got to talk about Matthew 25 and that's a hobby horse of mine. I'm sure I offend a person or two with that one, but that's ok. As long as that keep reading their Bible. I know there were a few puzzled faces as I surveyed the crowd.

I drove Chris and Howie home. Now I am here. MSN has been brought out from hiding and is getting a work out. I haven't used it for a while, but I thought it may be a good un-wind.