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Happy Happy

I'm having a good time at the moment. Life's pretty fun.

I hung out with Ryan yesterday. We had drink upstairs at Starbucks. We talked about all our usual subjects. Theology, economics, sociology, ecology, and much much more. I'm not actually sure if we covered all those topics. Probably to some degree. Some things get more air time that others. We went because Ryan had never sat upstairs at Starbucks before. I, on the other hand, am quite experienced at it.

We then migrated from Starbucks to the foodcourt for lunch. That took a long time and we talked a lot about fitness, respect, and character perception. We're such intellectuals.

We went shopping and both bought long johns. I like mine. A little baggy though.

We had some people come over for dinner. They are two year 11 people from Tennent Creek. They're nice. We had fun at dinner and had lots of laughs. I think Howie and I were in performance mode, but we wouldn't admit that.

After dinner, Ryan came back around since he was still in the country and we watched Matchstick Men. It was a good film. Nice twists, funny people, good story. I enjoyed it muchly. I recommend it. Ridley Scott does good stuff.

Today I hung out with Ryan and Jem.

We went to Parramatta and had lunch with Lesley. That was fun. We ate in this tacky little restaurant with good food. I love tack, and love good food, so it was all good.

We drove Ryan to the airport, and I think this time he may have caught his plane.

Then we drove home and picked up Janet and an ice cream on the way.

Now I'm at church because I just had a preaching course. I also got debriefed on Sunday's sermon. It was good to do.

I'm really enjoying these preaching classes. John's cool, he's full of good stuff. He always gives me lots to think about. I'll be a sad when this course is over.

Now I think it's home time. Tomorrow I'm not coming in to work. I'm very excited, I'll be spending the day, well, off. Yay!